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Sign Up Sheet for 1vs1 New Era DM Tournament 17 DEC 2010


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Sign Up Sheet for 1vs1 New Era DM Tournament 17 DEC 2010

Post by rated_R_ on Wed Dec 01, 2010 1:44 pm

Yay! Finally a DM tournament to be held. Starting From Dec 17 -Dec 31 2010 AOK 1vs1 NEW ERA DM TOURNAMENT will be held. All the participants should sign up on this forum to compete in the tournament. The tournament will be based on round robin where every participants get to compete with each others. 3 games/match(two consecutive losses = loss of the match) Win = 2 points and Lose= 0 points and negative points for breaking rules** of the tournament. The player with the highest point at the end wins the tournament as well the NO.1 Position in the TOP DM list. To make the tournament more interesting, the top ten highest pointers at the end of the tournament will make up the new TOP 10 DMer list (the present top 10 dmer list will be discarded). So here is the brilliant opportunity for all of us to be in the TOP DMer list. Those who are in the present top list must compete in the tournament to maintain their position. Having said that those who want to compete in the tournament for fun and doesn't want to be in top 10 list will be taken care off. Its the time for every aokers to end the up the controversies regarding the present top dmer list. Those who didn't/couldn't participate in the tournament if ever wanted to be in the top list should follow the general rules to get into list. I hope this tournament will create good aok community rather than disputes. Let us all aokers participate in the tournament get to know each other and learn from better players. The main theme of this tournament is create more games,keep AOK alive and active. The competitions among players is the only way to keep aok alive coz it creates more fun, enthusiasm and socialization. I not as an admin of this forum but as an AOK player request everyone of us to participate in the tournament. Click here to sign up for the tournament Or reply to this post and then I will add you to the tournament,

CHECK OUT ON DECEMBER 15th for brackets and tournament time.

Rules of the tournament

  1. Both players Civ Franks /2.0a version or 2.b
  2. Arabia /DM
  3. Every game should be recorded, renamed accordingly and uploaded in the forum.
  4. 5 trebs max at a time, Unused trebs not counted.
  5. No towers, **No fax fagging 40-50 axes at a time 55+ axes= loss of the game and remaining matches can be played (until reported)
  6. No Cheats/Hacks = Termination from the tournament. DROP/Disconnect(DC) = lost of the game
  7. During the game No pausing allowed more than 3 times. 1 pause shouldn't be more than 3 mins
  8. 1 match per opponent
Lets play good, lets play for fun, lets play as a competition, lets play to win! GG HF

* Rules are subject to change accordingly until the tournament.
PS To Learn about ROUND ROBIN
1 GAME = 1 Single game

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Re: Sign Up Sheet for 1vs1 New Era DM Tournament 17 DEC 2010

Post by Pro 36 on Tue Dec 07, 2010 3:34 pm



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Re: Sign Up Sheet for 1vs1 New Era DM Tournament 17 DEC 2010

Post by NONSENSE on Tue Dec 07, 2010 7:39 pm



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Re: Sign Up Sheet for 1vs1 New Era DM Tournament 17 DEC 2010

Post by [KoT]ßLööD__ on Tue Dec 14, 2010 2:44 pm

Umm if i manage to fix my aok again i might give it a try and actually try hard. Razz



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Re: Sign Up Sheet for 1vs1 New Era DM Tournament 17 DEC 2010

Post by pike on Tue Dec 14, 2010 5:24 pm

Hey every one Smile Im Pike and joined tourney to force my self to play some dm ( and force u to play with me <3 ) So U will find me with name of SyM|3oLof_Pike from gr

And ill post therec wtih this scount etc.....

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Re: Sign Up Sheet for 1vs1 New Era DM Tournament 17 DEC 2010

Post by Sponsored content

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