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What are the ways to prepare for a tournament?


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What are the ways to prepare for a tournament?

Post by rated_R_ on Tue Dec 07, 2010 12:22 pm

Since the tournament is beginning on 17th Dec so I wanted to share and and learn the ways to do best in the tournament. Some of the ways I think can help to play in the tournament are :
> First and foremost PRACTICE : try to practice on the things we lack on like efficient uses of hotkeys or modifcations to our style, timing, microing Eco, or may be army control.
> Changes: We might need to change in our playing style like waving or raiding or pushing. Try to with play the opponent not let him play you.
>. Map: It is said that a good player plays with map and takes the advantages of it. Take map control, attack enemy from multiple directions. Use instint to find enemy gold and food and then raid.
> Styles: Its always better to know the opponent and his style. Switch to defensive or aggresive style depending on the opponent.
> Army control: Inspite of being fast,good Eco bad army control can make us lose the game. might need to learn better army control!
> Watching Recs : Watch your own recs and find the spot u need improvements and modifications. Also watch recs of your opponent to know his weak points and places where you can take advantages of. Also watching zone recs from tops players and learning his styles can be + points as well !

WE all are not perfect and those tips can really help us to improve in our game. I myself lack many of those above mentioned tips. Lets us share our tips to each others coz I might have many tips I am unware of !

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