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Getting into RM


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Getting into RM  Empty Getting into RM

Post by rated_R_ Wed Jul 28, 2010 11:30 am

The present tips will be very handy in fast familiarization with some nuances of the game, time economy and understanding of the general principles of combo development and conduct.

1. It is better to ORDER one villager in TC - this allows calculating further consumption of food and distribution of villagers in the needed direction.

2. While gathering of the resources villagers should not bother each other, for example at woodcutting you will need 5-10 woodcutters for one saw- mill, this partially increase their speed of gathering.

3. At the limit, it is better to build houses using 2 and more builders, since speed of house building is approximately the same as speed of villager exiting FROM TC.

4. On the second stage of development (feudal) key essential upgrades are wheelbarrow in TC, double axe in the mill (Regicide in feudal all economic upgrades are important)

5. At building construction while going to age, try to remove villagers FROM those resources that you need at the least.

6. At the transition you must build those buildings that you will need later.

7. Try to build buildings in such a manner that they will complicate traffic of the opponent troops to your base.

8. Try to scout opponent's base constantly, if you have a chance, in ORDER to find out content of his army, and rebuild timely counter units.

9. While building Castle or TC using 1-3 villagers, it is better to wall out builders - 2 build - 1 walls out - this will allow to protect them during attack (except archers and hit units).

10. Try to build more TC - they are serving as additional protection for your villagers.

11. After construction of the Castle nearby opponent's base, it is necessary to wall it with stonewall - this will protect it FROM rams and warriors with petards.

12. Do not forget about various formations of troops, at right formation of troops, even weak army will be strong counter.

13. For shooting units line formation is more preferable.

14. Try to use different troops - do not battle with single troops.

15. Your forward base must be located nearby battlefield; this allows renewing your army constantly (effect of "immortals").

16. At long war do not forget to scout territory of whole map constantly - "Economic terror"- consequent destruction of the opponent's labor force often plays an important role in victory.

17. At sufficient amount of food click full Shift FROM 3-4 stables (light cavalry), and set up POINT on the opponent's base if there is a bypass, he will have to "sit" constantly on Ring Bell.

18. The more workers you have, the stronger your economy will be, the more powerful army will be, that is the number of villagers must be 100-120.

19. At sea battles try to get water area ASAP, if you will not allow your opponent to fight on the water, at right leading of the combo - it is already 50% of success.

20. Also if you playing Team play - remember that landing to opponent's base can solve the battle faster (35-40 champions will clear base faster that galleons do).

21. Constantly CHECK that there are no bypasses on your base (from woodcutters, etc), 5-10 horses can damage your economy a lot.

22. If you do flash in RM - then first of all develop attack horses, but not armor - horse will destroy villager faster.

23. Try to move forward to opponent by yourself - impose defense, build at his place - you make him fighting outside his base - he has no place to fall back, and this is useful for you, at unfortunate result you will have an opportunity to fall back.

24. Build map with different military buildings - you will faster shift to various types of troops.

25. In addition, they will be outposts for you.

26. The more trebuchets you have - the more time you save - and the more damage you can cause (how many hits one trebuchet must do, and how mach 6-8 ?)

27. While attacking, many players forget about protection of trebuchets (usually they are destroyed by horses)
Always keep small troop for their protection.

28. At the passing of the narrow pass by big troops be careful - your army in this moment very vulnerable. If such battle is imposed on you, you would better to fall back.

29. Never afraid to lose - negative experience - is an experience too!

30. If you have opportunity try to play with strong players - only with them you will understand your mistakes and will fast gain an experience.

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