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Some More Tips for Team Play


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Some More Tips for Team Play Empty Some More Tips for Team Play

Post by rated_R_ Wed Jul 28, 2010 11:39 am

There are so many great single players , but how many good teams? Two or three good single players usually lose against a well cooperating team. Here are some rules which might help you to become a better team-player:

1.) A team wins and loses together. Don´t resign if your allies want to continue (if you have to resign - let´s say because your mom is yelling at you - tribute all your resources to your allies and garrison all your villagers, activate all your troops and send them to choke points).

2.) Team-communication is a key-word. Even more if you don´t have cartography yet. The best deal is to use a Voice-Chat program which allows team-communication via headphones / microphone. FOPT for example supports MS Game Voice.

3.) Choose a civilization which fits with the map and your teammates choice (dont underestimate the teambonuses). Especially on water maps civilization-compounding is the key to victory. Make sure that on random map at least one player picks one of the naval civilizations (Vikings, Byzantines, Saracens). When you play black forest one player should be able to research siege-onagers so he can cut the trees.

4.) Set up a team strategy for the game based on the player profiles you checked BEFORE launching the game. In the game use the pause-function to talk to your allies and eventually change the team strategy (for example if you see one enemy is very strong attack him together).

5.) Help your teammates if they need help. But decide in which way you can help them best in the concret situation. Often it is better to attack the enemy´s homebase instead of sending troops to the battlefield.

6.) Make sure you have short ways to all important map locations. If possible build a forward base in the middle of the map and always try to have a towncenter near at least one of your allies to pull out some additional help if necessary.

7.) In a 3 vs 3 or 4 vs 4 one player should concentrate on providing his allies with resources and troops instead of attacking. This support can be the turning point in a close battle.

8.) Always research cartography as soon as possible. Before you can do that report via game chat what your scout found out.

9.) Dont research everything in military. Better concentrate on for example archers while your ally sends tons of fully upgraded infantry or cavalry. Timing is everything. Nothing is more annoying than a horde of paladins rotting out your archers because your ally´s 100 pikemen arrive a bit too late on the battlefield.

These are only some BASIC rules for successful teamplay. If you feel something of importance has been left out please email us and we will add it.

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