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Post by rated_R_ Wed Jul 28, 2010 12:08 pm

How To Play On Water Maps

Water Maps have always scared many players, but with the recent interest in galley rushing, it's time to lift the veil and tell the truth about these maps of mystery !
In this guide you will learn some of the basic components of each and every water map. The aim of this guide ? To prepare you for the surprises Water maps offer, to explain the priorities of each map, and to suggest the best strategies for each specific situation. Will it make you a master of water maps ? It sure will give you a great place to start improving your game !
Islands / Team Islands
Continental / Mediterranean


The Baltic map type is made up of 60% water located in its centre, while the remaining 40%land forms the border that turns this map into a huge landlocked lake. Currently there are 3 prevailing strategies when playing Baltic and since it abounds with ocean fish (classified as 'free food' by many experts), the water forms the focal point in most games, and directly influences each strategy. Among both Intermediates and Expert players the
Galley rUSH (gush) evolved to become the predominant strategy on most water maps. Thistactic involves a fast feudal time followed by a galley flood from several docks in an adrenalin packed race to secure the ocean.
As the Real experts can play ANY map trend re-developed, some hardcore flushers adapted their favourite strategy for the water game by foregoing the dock completely! Of course this would only work on water maps where you have direct land access to the opponent, but still leaves you with the opportunity to establish a stronghold in the enemy base before you start losing too much ground in the economic race. Lastly, the dock-assisted quick-castle, even though being an older strategy in itself, remains very effective when playing in teams of 3 or more. A single dock and 5 or 6 fishing ships propel the pocket player to a sub 15:00 castle time, after which he proceeds to assist in the sea battle with fireships, while launching a knight attack on the strongest enemy player.
Because of their similarity, Islands and Team Islands are both played the same way, with team islands being a slightly more defensive game. Surprisingly enough, each player gets his own Island on the Islands map, while each team gets a whole Island to themselves on the Team Islands map. I never would have guessed. :-) As with most water maps, the dominating strategy here is the galley rush. When a whole team can effectively execute such a combined galley rush on the Team Islands map, it usually results in a flawless victory as they take complete control of the ocean, preventing enemy traffic from reaching their collective economy, and simultaneously capitalising on the ocean fish near the edges of the map.
In single player, the situation is similar to team games, but players have a slightly larger weapons array to choose from. The principles remain the same as with Baltic where you try to be the aggressor and not the defender. However, executing a direct flush on a map like Islands presents an obvious and serious problem How do I get to the other side? Shortly a simple and yet radical solution presented itself: Dock solely for the transport and give up on ocean fishing completely. This exchange was rather risky, but worked well because of its absolute surprise value. As the Transport Flush became common practice it had to give way to the more difficult, but safer galley feint on most maps. This feint relies on your ability to execute a galley rush bluff that your opponent cannot ignore, followed up with an early land attack that will hamper the enemys economic growth as you give up control of theocean.
On the Team Islands map a quick castle is less illustrious than on Baltic for two main reasons.
Because there is less area to explore, players usually set their scouts to patrol their coast lines, highly increasing the odds that your forward base will be prematurely scouted and rooted out. Secondly, if the enemy team pulls of a successful combined gush there will be NOTHING that fireships can do to their combined navy, even though un-upgraded.

The mother of the random factor - Archipelago is well known for its exciting unpredictability.
Ranging from Island type land formations, to semi-Baltic layout, Archipelago will keep surprising you every time.
On this map your scout will make or break the game, supplying you with the information necessary to commit to either a water, land or hybrid strategy. For example, there is one small crossing to the enemy island that he hasnt discovered. You can take advantage of that by delivering a full-blown flush and permanently crippling his
economy, something that he would not expect. There are no real signs that will predict the lay of this map, so you will really have to remain extra cautious and aware at all times, and this is what makes this map my favourite. It demands a wide variety of skills, ranging from flushing, No other map can really deliver the excitement of Archipelago.

Although complete inversions of each other, both Continental and Mediterranean require the same tactical decisions and offer equal strategic opportunities.
Firstly, land is a very common commodity on these maps, presenting us with the option of a no-dock build-up. However, some early walling and efficient scouting can still overcome such a strategy.
On the other hand you can launch an attack on both land and sea, which is safer, but vulnerable to an all land attack, unless you can incorporate walling into your build.
A rare but effective alternative to the above two options is the dock assisted flush. With thisstrategy you still feudal very early, but your fishing ships are providing the initial food for
economic growth, allowing you to punch much harder in the first 2 or 3 minutes of the fighting. This should gain you the initiative and even though you may lose your fishing ships you will be able to apply more economic pressure on his resources due to your larger land army. The efficiency of each of these strategies varies every time you play, and largely depend on the map. Current information on enemy activity can also play a big role in helping you select your strategy, so use your scout wisely.

The map off opposites - you either hate or love this map, there is no in between. You can either play it or not. No compromise, hardcore entertainment is what it specialises in. Because of the sheer distance between you and the enemy, a generic galley rushing may actually lose you the game, while a transport flush is even riskier against informed opponents. Once again surprise can play a very big role, so if you are able to sneak 4 villagers onto the enemy island undetected, by all means go for it. The key is building up a force large enough to counter about 12 villagers storming your army
A strong boat boom from 2 or 3 docks, with a 13-minute or lower feudal time works best. To secure your future it is essential that you build a barracks and an archery range on the main island just after you feudal, so an early transport is a must. From these 2 buildings you should produce units to cover the enemy shoreline and attempt to prevent him from setting up a forward base on the mainland. Spearmen usually help against the inevitable knight entourage guarding the next wave of enemy forwards.
Build your mainland buildings as close to the enemy island as possible, giving you a better chance of detecting enemy intrusion. Keep the enemy of the mainland as long as possible while capturing the key resources. When the mainland fighting becomes intense, consider sending a raiding part of knights onto the enemy island Such an attack should disable his main food income.

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