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10 IMPORTANT thing that every ROOK should know!!


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10 IMPORTANT thing that every ROOK should know!!

Post by rated_R_ on Wed Jul 28, 2010 11:42 am

10 things every newbie - rook should do or know:

#1) Villagers are your most important resource- do whatever
you can to protect them!

#2) Are you sure that army is up to the task?!?!?

(pikemen preparing to engage janissaries!!!). Learn the proper

counter units!!

#3) Light Cavalry are great for mopping up villagers.

#4) Never underestimate the effectiveness of a pointy stick.
Pikemen counter knights, skirmishers counter archers.

#5) always try to attack in force. Mop tops are optional.

#6) Always have troops around to defend your castles and home
base.... It only takes one treb to destroy an undefended

#7) always coordinate with your allies - talk during the game.
Help each other out.

#Cool Learn the basic counterunits to knights, swordsmen and
archers. Then learn and use the counters to the counter units.
- i.e. Send a few skirmishers w/ your swordsmen to protect
them from enemy archers and/or send pikemen to protect you
primary troops from knights.

#9) siege weapons are deadly, but they are slow and
susceptible to knight rush. I like to call this my first
generation "laser":

#10)A navy is almost always a requirement to win on a water

map. Control the oceans/lakes control the game.

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