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Voobly Releases Aok 3.0 Patch


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Voobly Releases Aok 3.0 Patch Empty Voobly Releases Aok 3.0 Patch

Post by SvVifT_PilvE Mon Feb 25, 2013 3:49 pm

Hello guys, we are happy to announce a huge update for the Age of
Empires II: Age of Kings has been released. The update is called Aok 3.0
and has made some key improvements to Aok. Voobly is fully committed to
offering the very best place for the Aok community to continue to enjoy
this great classic game! Below is a list of some of the key updates Aok
3.0 brings to Aok. We hope you enjoy the new features!

List of Aok 3.0 features:

Random Teams - You are now able to chose random teams "?" in the
multiplayer screen, instead of having to try to figure out how to make a
team, each player can now simply chose "?" as their team and the teams
will be automatically created when the game starts.

Civilizations - This option allows each team to receive the same
civilizations as the other team, providing a more even match up in your
game by eliminating the possibilities of having a team with all weak

250 Population - This option increases the
population limit from 200 to 250, providing even more possibilities in
unit combinations and strategies.

Widescreen - Voobly
provides full widescreen support to all Aok user's, to enable widescreen
in your game room click on "Game" and select the "Resolution Tool" and
click on "Force Desktop Resolution in Game".

Anti-Cheat -
Voobly has spent over 7 years developing and updating the only working
Anti-Cheat System for the Age of Empires Series which is now integrated
into the Aok 3.0 Patch to provide the best protection against all

Window-Mode - It is now possible to launch your Aok
in window-mode, simply click the "Game" button in your game room and
select "Directx" and check the "Render in 32bit color" and the "Start in

For a list of other key features offered to the Aok Community that no other gaming client offers visit

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